Welcome Everyone to the Alliance of Involved Ministers (A.I.M.)


Bunnell, Florida


(A.I.M.) is a not for profit organization consisting of individuals that love to work towards improving the children's daily lives, and empowering communities. A.I.M. is targeting children from five to sixteen years old with the parent’s involvement. For older children ages 7 - 14 only if they agree to abide by all camp rules and policies. The children's program helps to build self-esteem, change character and improves the families’ life style. The Alliance of Involved Ministers (A.I.M.) continues our work daily in the community on the street and from our homes.  A.I.M. is dedicated to finding positive solutions to aid in solving the Bunnell and Palm Coast community’s problems. A.I.M provides a children's Summer Camp with activities such as field trips, art classes, and sports such as Tennis, swimming, and basketball, as well as learning. This year we are asking parents to contribute $10.00 each, or by volunteering two hours a day totaling 18 hours total pre-camp season. We are a non-profit organization that is funded strictly through donations from the Bunnell, and Palm Coast Communities. Please help our worthwhile cause for the local Bunnell community in empowering children and young teenagers for a positive future.


2018 Camp Events - Monday, Wednesday and Friday we are at camp at the Carver Center. Monday and Wednesday mornings from 9 to 10 oclock we have tennis lessons.  Tuesdays and Thursdays we are on our scheduled field trips.


2018 Camp Applications are available at the Carver Center 203 E Drain Street Bunnell, FL or by calling Pastor Daisy M. Henry at (386) 313-1310.


2018 Summer Camp Dates: June 11, 2018 to July 20, 2018


Our goal is to provide outreach programs for at risk youth and their families by changing the criminal and immoral elements and uplifting their productivity through Education, economical and social course of minority and disadvantaged youths.



A.I.M. of Flagler County, Florida, has provided free services with the help of generous donations from local Flagler County organizations, Small Businesses, and Individuals.                                                                                   



Would you like to make a positive impact on a child's Life? A.I.M. is looking for Volunteers to mentor, tutor, supervise and direct activities for children in the A.I.M. program.                                                                                                                                                                              


Contact A.I.M.

Pastor Daisy Henry.............President

P.O. Box 461
Bunnell, Fl 32110
386-503-9382 or 386-313-1310


1205 S. Bay St

Bunnell, FL 32110


2018 Summer Camp

June 11 to July 20, 2018


My name is Gabrielle Severin as a single parent it was a privilege to be able to send my daughter Imani to a camp for the whole summer free of charge. God knows I could not afford that, and had no one to be with her while I am at work. My daughter learned about history through some of the trips the camp planned. She learned how to respect herself and others, to take pride in who she is to stay in school and do her best and complete her education. I notice a wonderful change in my baby herself esteem and her confidence increase greatly. I could only volunteer a few hours twice a week that gave me great joy, and have so much fun with the kids.

-- Gabrielle Severin